16 AWESOME Fun Family Board Games

Part of any healthy lifestyle involves having family fun! And, nothing is more fun as a family then having a family board game night. So, we created a list of 15 fun family board games to help you up your family bonding time. So, if you want to break your kids free of video games and get some family bonding time in over some new and classic board games. here are a few ideas for you.

Code Names

CodeNames is a great game for family fun! We have played this as a family many times, but it is better for kids who are a little older. But, they have many different versions from marvel to Disney to pictures. This game allows you to use one-word “codes” to help direct your partner to choose the cards on the table that are yours. The first team to correctly name all the cards under your team color you win!

CodeNames “Disney”

Looking for a great game to keep your kids entertained? CodeNames Disney is it! While the normal CodeNames game is a little advanced and hard to follow for younger kids, this version of code name will keep them engaged and having fun.

Ticket To Ride

Our youngest begs to play this game often! So, it’s good for kids as young as 3rd grade. This game is about connecting different cities with your “trains”. The longer the connection you make, the more points you score. They have several versions and expansion packs too! They have a European version, USA version, Nordic, Japan & Italy, etc. They also have a kids version for young ones too. We have the USA based game. And, we have played the European version too. Lots of fun for the whole family!


This is great for kids of all ages. Zingo is a fast paced bingo style game. Each player has their own small 5×5 board with different animals that you try to fill with tiles. So, have one person uses the slider to display two tiles at a time, the players try to grab them if they have them on their boards.

Left Right Center

We have played this game for years now. It’s very easy to follow. Basically, each player starts out with a certian number of yellow circular tabs. Each player takes turns rolling a set of special dice. Depending on what comes up on the dice will determine how many of those tabs you have to give away. You either give them to the person to your left, to your right , or you put them in the center of the pot.


Catan is a great family game. If you have older kids this game is great. It’s pretty strategic in nature so you be prepared to think a little bit. In this game, you build and cultivate different territories on the board which looks like the countryside.



I saw this as I was doing some research on Catan…..

So, do you love Star Trek? Well there is a Catan for you!

Catan Junior

Looking for a more simple version of catan to get started on? Or you want one younger kids can enjoy? Well, They thought of you too. Catan Junior should be the right speed for your young ones and you to have a great family fun board game night.


Ok, who out there hasn’t played Pictionary before? We love it as a family. And, it’s great for any age, so don’t let your young ones fool you. Plus, watching them try to draw clues is ADORABLE! It’s always going to be a laugh out loud time when we pick this one for family game night!


The most popular who done it game ever created! This game is great we’ve played with the kids, with the grand parents, and the kids have played by themselves. This is always one of the our favorites!

Connect 4 Shots Game

Ok, this game just looks awesome! What kid doesn’t like throwing things? Well, now it’s a game! We’ve seen games like this on Price Is Right!, but now the family can have fun for hours trying to connect 4 by shooting balls! We are going to definitely add this to our list of board games to buy!

Connect 4

One of the most classic games ever! We all grew up playing this and it is still to this day one of the most sold games on the planet. Connect 4 has been a part of most every’s family game night. It’s great, but I’m not sure more awesome than the connect 4 shots.. 🙂

Fortnite Edition: Monopoly

Monopoly: Fortnite Edition 

I know you all are probably tired of your kids playing Fortnite at this point, BUT if you want to make sure you keep them engaged and you want to learn more about this game they play then MONOPOLY has figured it out for you. Your kids will appreciate the fact that you are taking interest in something they enjoy too!


Get to catching those little butterflies! Elefun memories…I remember playing this game with my kids when they were much younger. Such a cute, fun little game for the young ones. But, you don’t get the time back once it’s gone so playing these silly little games help build bonds and memories for a life time. And, it’s also one of the most popular games on Amazon right now.


Have you introduced your kids to Sorry yet? We have. I can remember playing this game growing up, and now my kids have played it too. It’s a great break to good family fun games and building the bonds of family. Introduce your family to Sorry if you haven’t. You won’t regret it.


Last but not least… another great board game I grew up playing with friends and family.. TROUBLE. This board game is not complex and fast-paced enough to keep you in it and if you are competitive on the edge of your seat. Racing around the board and moving your pegs is always good for some good ole family fun time shenanigans.

Well, we hope that we have given you some great ideas for family-friendly board games you can play with your family. There are obviously tons to choose from out there, but the goal of this post was to help encourage you to get some face to face time with your kids and family. It will do wonders for your family bond and comradery.