Organic Keto Coffee Creamer by Nature Force

Look, I know there are some of you out there that just love straight black coffee, there are some of us who have also tried to do the whole Bullet Proof Coffee process, and there are some of us who have tried just going straight MCT oil in our coffee with some not so amazing after-effects if you know what I mean. And, last but not least there are some of us who have lost all hope and just dump whatever we can get our hands on into our coffee in the morning. And why do we do this? You do it to avoid all the crazy sugar and chemicals in regular coffee creamers.

Well, lucky for all of you we have found an amazing little alternative in this Organic Keto Coffee Creamer by Nature Force. It comes in 4 great flavors, Hazelnut, Caramel, Chocolate, and Vanilla ( shown here). This Keto Coffee Creamer is made of all organic ingredients. It has zero sugar, and smells and tastes great! It comes out of the bottle thick and smooth. So, it’s not runny or weird or highly diluted. Also, it already has the MCT oil mixed into the creamer. So, no need adding anything else to the coffee mix, well except a little stevia if you want a little more sweet taste. But, most mornings this is all I really need.

It’s only around $19 per bottle too! Learn more about it here.