Instapot Recipe Ideas For The Busy Family

I’m still a little shocked that so many people still don’t know what the lovely contraption called an instapot is! In a previous article we wrote about all of its great benefits, so go check it out! I can tell you it is a quick-cooking busy family saving dream! We use our instapot several times a week since my husband and I both work and the kids are busy with sports. And, the more we talk about it with our friends the more we asked what we cook in it. So, we decided to give you a few ideas of things you can cook in it for yourself! Please, let us know if you have any things you cook in it as well! We are always looking for new instapot recipe ideas!

You will love how quick and easy it is to make meals with this thing!

What Is An Instapot?

First, off if you haven’t heard of an instapot before I’m about to shake up your world! An instapot is like crockpots from the old school days BUT it’s WAY BETTER and easier to use. This device has saved us and made our lives way easier. The instapot can have frozen meat cooked and ready in 20 or 30 mins tops and has several settings for the different types of meats or items you can cook. Some of the automatic settings include stew, to poultry, to beef. And, then you can adjust the recommended times from there. Some instapots also hook into your wifi and other home automation devices. They range in features and pricing. GET MORE INFO HERE!

Make Soups In The Instapot

Soups are one of the easiest and best things to cook in an instapot. There is no real stirring or having to baby it. You dump your ingredients into the instapot and walk away for 20-30 minutes. Here are a few soups we have made:

Cooking Chicken In The Instapot

Want to talk about a fun game changer! Cooking chicken in the instapot is a breeze! And, the best part is the chicken doesn’t even need to be thawed out. That’s right you can throw the chicken in the instapot frozen. So, if you are in a super hurry and forgot to thaw out meat to cook, BAM… worry no more. Toss the chicken breasts or whole chicken in, add your favorite sauce and 30 mins later you are ready to eat. And, the best part if that you can put it in before you head to practice and it will stop cooking and just keep it warm and ready for you. So, here are a few ways we have cooked chicken in the instapot.

  • Taco Sauce Sauce Chicken Breasts
  • Salted & Peppered Whole Chicken with Enchilada Sauce ( skinless)
  • Chicken Breats with Pesto sauce added.

I know you are thinking. “Where are the instructions for these instapot recipes?” Well, it is literally throw the chicken in, and dump sauce on top, then close lid and turn on instapot. The amount of chicken and sauce is relative to how many people you are feeding. We use 2 pounds of chicken and one jar of sauce most times, and that is more than enough.